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I'm Aditya, a full-stack developer and an artist

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Halcyone of Clouds

Mountain Bromo, East Java

The mountain of Bromo is one of the most iconic mountains in Indonesia. The mountain is an active volcano, and is part of the Tengger massif ancient volcanoes group.

People visits the mountain to see the sunrise, and to see the sea of clouds that often appears in the morning with the sun piercing through the clouds.

© Self-taken photo, 2022.

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A seemingly strange feeling
Of a heartbeat that goes blinking
A thunder from the future
Yet the sound echoes in the present
A smell of ignorance
Amongst the supposedly well-scented
A rotten flesh eaten by the humans
Showing no disgust as they feast
I feared the future
The unknown void that dances in my heart
God, save me for I am afraid
For You saw the light before its shadow
And You saw the shadow before its light
Vaporize the fear of my heart
And clear the fog that shrouds the blue


A collection of stories with each chapter being released regularly.

The Parchment of Scattered Memories

The parchment of scattered memories is a collection of short stories that happened across the life of Lucent.

Instead of a chronological order, the stories are arranged in a way that the reader can experience the life of Lucent in a more natural way.

It focuses on the feelings and the thoughts of Lucent, and how he reacts to the events that unfold before his eyes as he interacts with humans.

The King With No Power

This is a story of a boy with King Complex, who imagined himself as a king.

He then live his life thinking he was special, until life hit him hard and taught him a lesson the hard way.

The boy only realized he was not a king when he was already on his deathbed. He then spent his last moments in regret.


Bersamamu, Menujumu

This story is written in Bahasa Indonesia and tells the journey of Adam who met a very special friend in his life, Matu.

He then go through an esoteric journey with his new friend to discover a lot of things about himself.

However, Matu is not as he seems to be. A dark secret is hidden behind his smile as he walked with Adam.



Some of my open-source projects and personal projects.


Turns any YouTube videos into a rhythm game.

Playtune is a web rhythm game that turns any YouTube videos into a rhythm game. It is a web app that can be accessed from any device with a browser. It is not optimized for mobile devices, so please use a desktop or a laptop for the best experience.

Playtune is born due to my frustration of not being able to play my favorite songs on popular rhythm games. I want to play my favorite songs, but I don't want to spend hours to create the scores myself. So I created Playtune to solve this problem.

Playtune Website


GPT-Powered Air Quality Dashboard

AirAI was actually part of a take-home assignment for a job application. It is built on top of Langchain and Open Meteo API.

I learned not to trust Langchain or any response from LLM and go with the most strict approach when processing LLM output.

AirAI Website
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